We give information about how to get to Machu Picchu. There are three ways to get to Machu Picchu. The first is the traditional by railway (or train), lasting three hours of trip , the second alternative is the adventures way well known as the path of “Inca Trail” hike that requires a great effort for four days. And the other option is to reach the town of Aguas Calientes by helicopter.

If you decide to go by train, there is three types of it, the backpacker, Vistadome and the most luxury Hiram Bingham, the Poroy station, which it is to 15 minutes from Cusco takes 3 hours of journey approx. then the Ollantaytambo station, which it is an hour and 20 minutes from Cusco, takes 1 hour and 30 minutes approx of journey.

Expedition (Backpacker)

For those adventurous travelers who like to discover every destination. This train is the best option to Machu Picchu, where the journey becomes an expedition that begins before reaching the destination. The traveler will be comfortable and relaxed, the Expedition has wagons covered by panoramic windows for the traveler to soak in the beauty of the natural landscape, and make their Machu Picchu experience begins on the train.

Expedition service departs from Poroy station 15 minutes from Cusco and Ollantaytambo Sacred Valley station. A travel experience with all the quality and benefits that travelers look for at a lower cost.


This train is ideal for nature-loving traveler looking to be in contact with the environment and appreciate the wonderful route to Machu Picchu. Completely surrounded by glass, with wagons with large panoramic windows offering scenic views and the opportunity to take a number of spectacular photos, the traveler in the Vistadome connect and feel part of the stunning scenery of Peru. Perurail provides a personalized and first class on board service making an unforgettable experience for the traveler.

The Vistadome has a different onboard service, which allows the traveler to dive and experience the Andean culture through their landscapes, music, dance and even food carefully prepared with local ingredients. Connect your senses through sensorial and sophisticated travel experience, an onboard experience with comfort and quality service.

Hiram Bingham

The Hiram Bingham is an exclusive and luxurious Orient Express service operated by PeruRail, all inclusive where you will live a full day of unforgettable experiences. Hiram Bingham is considered one of the best trips in 2008 by the Italian magazine Class. Hiram Bingham cars are distinguished by their blue and gold colors for warm and cozy interiors that feature stylish upholstery. This service has four cars, two dining cars, a bar car, kitchen car, besides being able to carry up to 84 passengers.

It departs later in the day than most other services, allowing passengers to enjoy the citadel in the late afternoon calm. The journey can be made either as a day excursion, or with an overnight stay at Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge. The trip includes appetisers, brunch, live music and a gourmet dinner on board, as the train travels through spectacular and ever-changing scenery. A guide is available to accompany passengers.

The trains arrive at the town of Aguas Calientes, that it is located very near to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu and then you will have to take a bus that brings you up to this majestic sanctuary, it takes between 15 to 20 minutes approx.

Otherwise if you enjoy the adventure and the nature and decide to take the alternate route called the Inca trail path, this classic course lasts four days in where you’ll have long walks and be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, being in contact with the nature directly until get to the most impressive citadel never seen before.

For travelers who prefer the adventure and adrenaline can do the Inca Trail, the most famous hike in South America. In addition, they come to see the ruins and the landscape that make this way the most famous worldwide. The total distance of the trail is approximately 43 kilometers, starting from the home place known as Kilometer 88. To begin the long journey, you must cross a narrow bridge called Kusicancha, then go through the eucalyptus forest that is located on the left. The first night camping in Wayllabamba or Llullucha. The second day is the most difficult because you must climb to the pass called Warmiwañusqa (in Quechua “Dead Woman”) located at 4200 meters above sea level. The third day is the longest, but for many people is also the most interesting, since you can visit impressive archaeological sites as Runkuracay and Sayaqmarca this evening camping in Phuyupatamarca or Wiñayhuayna. On the last day many groups come out early to Machu Picchu to see the sunrise over Machu Picchu from the Inti Punku (in Quechua “Gate of the Sunl). The rest of the day you can explore this ancient and wonderful citadel.


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