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Shopping in Arequipa City

The biggest selection of shops in Arequipa is concentrated in the streets surrounding the Monasterio Santa Catalina and local handicrafts around the Chivay. In these shops or stores you will find traditional Peruvian clothing elaborated by wool, vicuña and Andean alpacas. The most representative are:


Patio del Ekeko

Patio del Ekeko
This high-end tourist mall has plenty of expensive but good alpaca- and vicuña-wool items, jewelry, ceramics and other arty souvenirs.
Address: Mercaderes 141

In this store you will find fine alpaca wool goods and raw .Also It includes a well-presented commercial boutique, a museum detailing the process of wool production, and a small zoo and a cafe.
Address: Juan de la Torre 101

Raices Peru
Here it sells all types of folk art - including textiles, woodcraft, ceramics, jewelry, alpaca goods and toys - made in various indigenous communities from the Amazon to the Andes and the coastal desert.
Address: Jerusalén 309A Centro

Casona Santa Catalina
Inside this polished tourist complex, you’ll find a few shops of major export brands, such as Sol Alpaca and Biondi Piscos.
Address: Santa Catalina 210


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