Tourist Attractions of Iquitos



Iquitos Cathedral
Located in the main square of Iquitos. It was built between 1911 and 1924 under the Gothic style. Its structure of a single ship keeps details of the European Model United Nations wooden pulpit carved with the Right Side. An interesting detail is the Swiss clock was installed in 1925.

The Iron House
It is located on the corner of Prospero and Putumayo Street, in front of the main square of Iquitos. Built in 1887, WAS designed by French architect Gustave Eiffel Stands unarmed came from Paris in a Brazilian flag ship, with the idea of taking them to the river Mishagua In Madre de Dios department.
Due to Problems of Transportation, the load was sold to Spanish rubber trader Anselmo del Aguila, who ordered that were assembled in the present location locates itself So, the House has remained as testimony to the height of the rubber boom.
His two-story structure, with balconies on both facades and roof-shaped hipped pyramid is supported with wrought-iron columns.
Palace Hotel
It is located in The Street Corners Putumayo and Malecón Tarapacá
This building was completed in 1912 and ‘then’ was considered the best and most luxurious of the Peruvian Amazon.
His Three plants have been carefully decorated with balconies and wrought-iron from Hamburg, Carrara marble, mosaics and arabesques Seville.
That calculation is itself invested in the Details About 40 thousand pounds of gold.
In The Hotel itself housed The Most Important visitors who came to the City style at the height of the rubber. Currently does not allow itself The Income.
Open from Monday to Sunday, 08 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
It is a spectacular source of natural wealth, created in 1982 to protect the paiche. Located 185 kilometers from the city of Iquitos, between the Marañon and Ucayali, Requena province. It covers 2,080,000 hectares of swampy jungle: the largest conservation area in Peru.
Although not at pristine as Manu, near Cusco, for example, the reserve still offers an excellent opportunity to see much wildlife, especially in the high water period, when the animals are forced onto a smaller area of land.
There is an entry point from Nauta, which can be reached either by road or by boat, 200km upriver of Iquitos. There are no jungle lodges in the reserve, meaning that you must camp if you wish to visit the park and go with a private guide.
Zungarococha Lake
To 12 km. From La Garita control of the airport to the southwest of the City of Iquitos (30 minutes by car Approximate).
Located on the right bank of the Nanay River, is ideal for swimming paragraph, canoeing or sightseeing.
Malecón Tarapacá
Located on the border of Riverside City a data Amazon rubber boom Epoch.
In His tour offers an attractive panoramic view of the Amazon River and the port of Belen.
Port of Belén
It is located on the right bank of the Amazon River.
The villagers have built their houses on wooden stilts or rafts so in flood season, they tie one to each other and live on the second floor.
Are especially dedicated to fishing, but when the river falls, used both floors of the houses and cultivate the surrounding land.
The river is the most important means of communication, this will use boats or canoes. The market, 200 meters from the harbor, is the center of the typical products of the region and therefore, a very visited.
Municipal Museum
Located in the Napo Jr. 236 (3 rd floor), presentations to a sample of animal’s native to the region and to a collection of local handicrafts. It currently houses the City of Maynas.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.
Amazon Museum
it was built in 1863, is no exponent of the neoclassical style in the region, was restored in 1999.
Conservation A collection of 80 sculptures Fiberglass in size, which represent a GROUP Main Ethnic Peruvian Amazon, Brazilian and Venezuelan.
The location is Shared With The Military Museum and an exhibition of photographs depicting the history of the City of Iquitos.
Address: Malecon Tarapaca number 386. Phone (065) 234031 FREE (065) 234 031.
Opening hours: From Monday to Sunday from 8 am Sept. 1 pm
Amazon Library
This library has a variety of books in specialized topics, Regional.
Originally, they tried to United Nations building on one level, the second one built in 1903. In His architecture struck by the succession of large windows protected by iron bars.
Address: Malecon Tarapaca number 354 (3 rd floor of the Prefecture)
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 5 pm
Quistococha Complex
It surrounds the lagoon Quistococha. The resort has 369 hectares and has an artificial beach known as Playa Tunchi, there also found no museum, no aquarium, snake and trails of the United Nations paragraph walks around the lake (which is at a depth of 8 meters).
For the convenience of visitors, if you have a tourist restaurant UN, United Nations Children’s Park and sports fields and other rent boats paragraph Walking For La Laguna.
It is located at km. 6.3 out of Iquitos-Nauta highway, southeast of the City of Iquitos (15 minutes by car Approximate).
Opening hours: From Monday to Sunday from 8 am May 1 pm
Caserío Santo Tomás
It is located one kilometer 16. northeast of the City of Iquitos, Taking Diversion That one IS LOCATED 200 meters from the airport.
This one Shorelines LOCATED Flatwater Nanay River.
Is A Good Place, paragraph swimming, skiing or canoeing or slider.
The area is inhabited by a Rural Community son whose main economic activities of the Fish and Pottery.
Santa Clara
It is located 12 km. south of the city of Iquitos a Riverside Nanay (30 minutes by car Approximate).
In When The low Nanay river flow can be seen and enjoy a beach with white sand.
One is the most attractive places The Greater City of Iquitos.
Bellavista Nanay Embarcadero
It is located one km 3.5. South of the City of Iquitos (20 minutes in motorcycle taxi).
We rent boats paragraph Walk For Nanay River and surrounding villages visit the Padre Cocha and San Andres.
Almendra Port
It is located one km 12.1. From control of the Iquitos Airport (30 minutes by car Approximate).
Yes there is the Botanical Garden Arboretum The Huayo a shipment of the Center for Research and Teaching Forest Port Almond.
The center maintains plots representing forest species Nanay basin.
Ecological tours are offered, walks and visits to the farms of the settlers of the area.
Rumococha Lake
It is located 3.8 km. From The Airport Control checkpoint, southwest of the City of Iquitos on the banks of the Nanay River (15 minutes by car Approximate) is arc-shaped closed itself characterized by its calm waters which assist in fishing.
Amazon River
The Amazon River in the huge and ancient, is the river flowing Over the World, and other United Nations SEEMS vast sea of Freshwater in perpetual motion.
Its channel variations between 4 000 and 6 000 (UP 8 000) m. And it flows into the Atlantic form without Estuary 400 km. Entering its waters to 150 km. In March
In times of increasing its volume You can reach 300 million m3 per second, while that in times of drought down to between 80 and 90 million m3 per second.
Amazon has twisted that do VERY curves along their course form angles of Great Radio and evolve constantly.

Existential contradictions about its length, Which Approximate calculation itself 6,762 km.So it flows into the Atlantic.
The Amazon is navigable by ships of any draft, Your channel is very deep, reaching at some points up to 240 meters.
The main port is the Peruvian Amazon city of Iquitos.

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