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In the last years Peru has become in one of the best Luxury Travel destinations of South America, due to its tremendous increase of touristic infrastructure and the continue inversions of grand enterprisers who bet for this country and its richness and diversity

This megadiverse country offers to visitors unique experiences in remote places with a high quality services. Also it is stated that the good service and exquisite cuisine of the Peruvian industry is well distinguish for the travelers who are looking for a luxury travel.

For that reason, the travelers can require an excellent organized trips especially design for them, exploring all the highlights, from Lima through to Machu Picchu and other interesting destinies with a variety of attractive and exclusive selection of hotels, private tours, trains, restaurants, etc.

The Line Nasca

Machu Picchu


Program Duration 5 Stars Hotels Highlights
MACHU PICCHU LUXURY 3 DAYS 3 Days and 2 Nights (Cusco) - Monasterio Cusco, Machu Picchu
MAGIC PERU LUXURY 10 DAYS  10 Days and 9 Nights (Aguas calientes) Sumaq Machu Picchu
(Puno) Libertador Isla Estevez
(Lima) Country club
(Cusco) Monasterio
Lima - Nasca - Cusco - Sacred valley - Machu Picchu - Aguas Calientes - Puno - Uros and Taquile - Sillustani
COLCA CANYON TO MACHU PICCHU 11 LUXURY  DAYS 11 Days and 10 Nights (Lima) Country Club
(Colca) Casitas del Colca
(Cusco) Monasterio
(Aguas Calientes) Sumac Machu Picchu
Lima - Larco Herrera Museum - Arequipa - Colca Canyon - Cusco - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu 
MACHU PICCHU AND GALAPAGOS LUXURY 13 DAYS 13 Days and 12 Nights (Quito) Swissotel
(Coral) Junior
(Lima) Country Club
(Cusco) Monasterio
Lima - Cusco - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes) - Quito - San Cristobal - Espaņola - Floreana - Santa Cruz - Daphne
MACHU PICCHU AND TITICACA LUXURY 15 DAYS 15 Days and 14 Nights (Quito) Swissotel
(Legend) Junior
(Lima) Country Club
(Cusco) Monasterio
Quito - San Cristobal - Espaņola - Floreana - Santa Cruz - Daphne - Lima - Cusco - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes) - Puno - Uros and Taquile Islands - Sillustani

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