The museum is mainly dedicated to the Lambayeque or Sican culture which was developed in the region between approximately 700 and 1300 before falling under the domain Chimu. The ancient nation lambayeque is known for its metallurgical art (being especially famous for its golden funerary masks and ceremonial tumi or knives) that the museum displays. The great pyramids of clay complexes built by the Lambayeque, as the ceremonial centers of Tucume or Pomac forest, are relatively close to Ferreñafe and can be visited on the same day that the museum.
Sican National Museum was inaugurated in March 2001. For its construction and implementation has benefited from the financial and government scientist in Japan.

The museum building is shaped like a truncated pyramid inspired by the majestic and monumental ceremonial centers Sicán of Pomac forest. The museum building is shaped like a truncated pyramid inspired by the majestic and monumental ceremonial centers Sicán of Pomac forest.

The museum has an exhibit that focuses on all aspects of society and culture Sicán, trying to provide an overview of this important cultural development of the north coast. The museum has introductory rooms through which is known in detail the historical process, customs and all the activities of the sicanes. In the Pattern room will appreciate replicas of tombs, burial garments and ornaments of both men as the people of the great dignitaries. In the ceramics room offerings are on display 200 pieces of gold as the famous Winged Eye mask, crowns, necklaces, and other precious ornaments and hundreds of ceramics.

All archaeological objects that are exposed come from scientific excavations. The dioramas have been carefully developed on the basis of available knowledge about the Pre-Hispanic technologies. In this way, you can see details of domestic life Sicán population and manufacturing processes of ceramics and metals, in addition to the recreation of two graves of members of the nobility, which contained gold ornaments and other valuable assets. The archaeological objects are displayed in context of use or manufacture, and include explanations of how archaeologists and their collaborators from other academic disciplines, do research.

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