Located in the city of Lambayeque, was ingurated in 1966 and is located two blocks from the main park of the city. In the gardens of the museum stands the figure of Naylamp, founder of the dynasty of Kings Lambayeque. Among its corridors and rooms are exposed more than 1,400 archaeological pieces, demonstrations which were legacies of cultures Lambayeque, Moche, Chavin, Vicus, Inca and others. The most important pieces date back over 10,000 years.

Its gold room contains one of the most important collections of gold and silver work including some of the pieces found in the tomb of the Lord of Sipan. This room displays up to 500 pieces, funerary masks, crowns, earrings, necklaces and ceremonial vessels that are true works of art

The museum is based on the private collection of German engineer, Henry Bruning, collected in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The Peruvian government acquired this collection in 1925. This museum has been constantly enriched with parts obtained in confiscations, grants and discoveries. The newest additions are the pieces acquired at the Tomb of Lord of Sipan. This museum is built with modern and functional facilities.

The Museum’s goal is to provide an overview of the whole archaeological development of the northern coast of Peru. In the first room are displayed black and white photos of different parts of the north coast, which were taken by Mr. Bruning. Also located on the first level the Gold Room, where you can see different ornaments belonging to the Lambayeque culture or Sican.

The route leads from the lithic period (10,000 BC) through the Archaic period, the era of the great civilizations: Chavín, Cupisnique, Salinar, Moche, Lambayeque, Chimu and Inca finally. Formative period shows a burial of a shaman character found in Eten. Lambayeque culture there is a replica of the wall of Huaca Gloria and the mummified corpse of a woman, an interesting example of mummification techniques known in the northern region.

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