The complex consists of two pyramids joined by a platform, in the complex are many burial chambers. Located 28 km. the city of Chiclayo

In 1987 was discovered the tomb of the Moche Lord, known as the Lord of Sipan, who ruled the valley of Lambayeque. Efforts to recover and restore valuable enclosures and main chambers were promoted by the archaeologist and researcher Walter Alva, who is a silent watcher of these ruins since its discovery and is one that has been responsible for leading the museum “Royal Tombs of Sipan “where are the main parts and discoveries to keep it as a great cultural heritage. The remains of the Lord of Sipan have traveled the world as one of the human remains more care and more dazzling by the quality of the ornaments that accompanied him in his grave.

Inside the tomb of the Lord of Sipan was found several gold objects placed strategically and carefully to guard the sacred ritual. It was found ornaments that were placed under the skull, protected by laminated pieces of gold that covered his chin. These were made to cover the neck at the top, chin and cheeks leaving a space for the nose. Also it had some relief for placing the mouth and facial folds. For its use is difficult to believe they were made only for posthumous processes and not for use in everyday life. Besides these ornaments were two muffs with figures of deer. The figures were worked fine in turquoise and gold. It was also found; two nose rings gold crescent shaped complementing the majesty of the findings.

The site was covered with wooden planks; under these planks were carefully arranged 29 Moche ceramics beside the body of the Lord of Sipan. Among them was there evidence of organic remains and beverages believes were placed as offered up. The coffins were covered by three wooden tops connected by metal strips, made from copper, indicative of an excellent technique of woodworking and metalworking.

Under the boards of the main sarcophagus was found a human figure with arms outstretched in the form of angles, which had a pair of pectoral and were superimposed. Under these were found on the chest, gold thick discs 16 slightly convex and with two holes, one on each side of the disc, that with the use of some type of thread or filament integrated a necklace with a total weight of 407 grams . Additionally two types of blades, one in each hand, known as “Tumis” one was of gold and was in the right hand and the other was of silver and was in the left hand. Also found four bones that accompanied the main body of the Lord of Sipan.

These coffins had original cane, but this material will disintegrate over time so there is no remains of it today. Among the skeletons was of a woman around 20 years old wearing a pectoral of shell in the chest, like the warriors who used this same piece of jewelry and is one of the best known in the museum located in Lambayeque: Royal Tombs of Sipan.

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