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Inca Trail Weather

The climate in Cusco has a temperature fluctuating between 14 º to 16 º C, with warm days and cold nights. The best time to do the Inca trail is between the months of April through October, when the weather is warm. During the months of June, July and August nights are very cold which is why you are advised to bring a good quality 4 season sleeping bag.

The rainy season is during the months of November through March, if you want to do the Inca Trail this season has to bring warm clothes and be prepared, as the walk can be a bit more difficult, on the other hand, enjoy sight of a beautiful landscape and colorful flowers.

The month of February the Inca Trail is closed for security reasons, as this month the rainfall is more intense.

The weather along the Inca Trail:
The Average weather conditions on the Inca Trail:
Dry Season April – October
Day temperature 20ºC - 25ºC - Night temperature -1ºC - 7ºC
Wet Season November – March
Day temperature 17ºC - 22ºC - Night temperature 4ºC - 7ºC


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