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Inca Trail Orchids

In the history of Peru, orchids have been appreciated since pre-Columbian times by indigenous cultures. We can see the family of orchids in all their variety, are about 3,000 species, many of them grow in the rainforests of the Andes due to the microclimates and cloud forests that exist in this region. The extensive vegetation and diversity of orchids are a beautiful natural garden.

The Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, is home of more than 200 variety of orchids. Among the more representative we can find the Wakanki, in the Quechua language which means "you will weep" (Masdevalia vetchiana), and wiaywayna, "forever young" (Epidendrum secundum).
The best way to see them is during the Inca Trail, near Qorihuayrachina (on the outskirts of Ollantaytambo), Inca citadel of With the Machu Picchu ruins.

The best season to enjoy a spectacular view of the orchids is during the Inca Trail tour between the months of April to November, during the wet season. Otherwise it will appreciate other kind of flowers during the year.

For the experts in flowers or tourists who want to do the Inca Trail, will be a pleasant walk admiring the different kinds of orchids that are in the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and its surroundings.


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