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Most Peruvians get around the country by bus, as these go just about everywhere and are extremely good value. However, wherever possible, visitors tend to use one of the country’s trains – an experience in itself – despite being considerably slower than the equivalent bus journey. With the distances in Peru being so vast, many Peruvians and travellers are increasingly flying to their destinations, as all Peruvian cities are within a two-hour flight of Lima.
Driving around Peru is generally not a problem outside of Lima, and allows you to see some out-of-the-way places that you might otherwise miss. However, the traffic in Lima is abominable, both in terms of its recklessness and the sheer volume. Traffic jams are ubiquitous between 8 and 10am and again between 4 and 6pm every weekday, while the pollution from too many old and poorly maintained vehicles is a real health risk, particularly in Lima Centro and to a lesser extent in Arequipa.
By bus
Peru’s buses are run by a variety of private companies, all of which offer remarkably low fares , making it possible to travel from one end of the country to the other (over 2000km) for under $30. Long-distance bus journeys cost…
Taxis, mototaxis and colectivos
Taxis can be found anywhere at any time in almost every town. Any car can become a taxi simply by sticking a taxi sign up in the front window; a lot of people, especially in Lima, take advantage of this to supplement their income. Whenever you get…
By train
Peru’s spectacular train journeys are in themselves a major attraction, and you should aim to take at least one long-distance train during your trip, especially as the trains connect some of Peru’s major tourist sights. At the time of writing,…
By plane
Some places in the jungle can only sensibly be reached by plane and Peru is so vast that the odd flight can save a lot of time. There are three major companies; Aero Continente, who fly to all of the main cities and many smaller destinations;…
By car
Cars can be very handy for reaching remote rural destinations or sites, but if you are planning to explore by car , it’s best to avoid Lima as far as possible. Driving in the capital takes a bit of getting used to, even as a passenger. …
By boat
There are no coastal boat services in Peru, but in many areas – on Lake Titicaca and especially in the jungle regions – water is the obvious means of getting around. From Puno, on Lake Titicaca, there are currently no…
On foot
Even if you’ve no intention of doing any serious hiking , there’s a good deal of walking involved in checking out many of the most enjoyable Peruvian attractions. Climbing from Cusco up to the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, for example, or…
Hitching in Peru usually means catching a ride with a truck driver, who will almost always expect payment. With most trucks you won’t have to pay before setting off, but you should always agree a sum before getting in as there are…
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