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Anton Valley Tour
Birding At pipeline Road
Birding At Achiote Road
Birders Paradise Tour 5 days
Culture & History 6 days
Darien Rainforest Exploration
Diving Tour
Embera Indian Community Tour
Family Adventure 7 days
Gamboa Resort Day Tour
Metro Park Tour
Monkey Island Boat Tour
Monkey Island and Gamboa
Nature Lovers Tour
Panama travel 4 days
Panama Canal Partial
Panama Canal Land Tour
Portobelo Tour
Panama City Tour
Panama Travel Deals
Snorkeling Tour
Shopping Tour
Knowing Panama 10 days


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Panama comes from an Indian word that means "abundance of fish, flowers, and butterflies". Bordered by the Caribbean Sea on the north, the Pacific Ocean on the south, Columbia on the east and Costa Rica on the west, I am a connecting link between Central and South America and a true crossroads of the world.

Known as the eight wonder of the modern world, the Panama Canal was built between 1904 and 1914. This impressive engineering work provides easy transit between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by a locks system that ascends ships to the Gatun lake and then descends them to the other ocean at about 50 miles on the opposite side. On certain fixed dates we can arrange full or partial transits departing from and returning to your Hotel.

Being the crossroads of the world, many cultures have passed through my lands and I have gathered the best of them. An example is "La Pollera" one of the most beautiful typical dresses of the world which is a combination of Spanish, French, Afro-antillean and native Indian influences.

The five different Indian cultures have been in Panama long before Christopher Columbus arrived. You can see Kunas living today as they did then in the San Blas islands and Chocoes in the Chagres River. The Spaniards came in the 16th century, later the Africans enriched my heritage with their music and art. Chinese came to work in the construction of the railroad in mid 19th century. By the end of that century came the French and the Afro-antilleans and later in the beginning of the 20th century the Americans to engineer and build the great canal.

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