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Loving Light Amazon Lodge
Street Putumayo #128 Iquitos, Peru

Map of Iquitos Peru & Loving Light Amazon Lodge
Iquitos, Peru

Opened in 1998, it is one of the newest and most spacious lodges within the Peruvian rainforest. The Loving Light Amazon Lodge offers spectacular, untamed jungle which you can freely explore under the guidance of our multilingual naturalist escorts.

Located on the Yanayacu River, a tributary of the upper Amazon River, approximately 100 kilometers southwest of the town of Iquitos (1000 kilometers northeast of Lima), the Loving Light Amazon Lodge is a perfect blend between total wilderness experience and personal safety and comfort.
It will accommodate up to 40 guests, though on average we anticipate 10 to 15 guests at any one time. In addition to the 10 guest huts (all elevated and connected by bamboo bridges), we also offer a spacious dining area, a welcome bar where guests can enjoy native music and singing, a hammock lounge for your relaxation, and the Shaman's ceremonial cottage.

On our grounds are many fruit trees (papaya, bread fruit, etc.) so as to provide you with the freshest of Peruvian produce. A garden area within the guest hut sector is lush with a cascade of jungle flora and colors.

While there is no electricity, we do have a generator and refrigerator so as to be able to provide cold refreshments (as well as store any medications which require refrigeration).

Our 14-passenger speed boat can return to the city of Iquitos in about three hours where there are modern medical facilities available. The Lodge also serves as a base camp for those who desire an extended trek via boat or canoe.
Our multilingual jungle experts are available to guide you in this exploration and research.

An outside look at the Loving Light dining center. Bug-proof and offering some of the finest cuisine in all of Peru.
No one goes hungry at the Loving Light.  British honeymooners are shown here breaking bread with a guest from Washington D.C.

Two nights stays package tour ( 3 days and 2 nights )

Basic lodge rate (shared bathroom) Rate per night per person
2 pax US$320.00
3 pax US$309.00
4 pax US$298.00

 Four nights stays package tour ( 5 days and 4 nights )

Basic lodge rate (shared bathroom) Rate per night per person
2 pax US$606.00
3 pax US$595.00
4 pax US$585.00

 Four nights stays package tour ( 7 days and 6 nights )

Basic lodge rate (shared bathroom) Rate per night per person
2 pax US$765.00
3 pax US$744.00
4 pax US$723.00


*Room Rates per room per night, breakfast included
Our rates do not include 18% taxes
NOTE: Sales Tax (IGV) on lodging is applicable to Peruvians and to foreign nationals with 60 consecutive days or more in Peru. To avoid this tax, foreign nationals and Peruvians who live abroad must present during hotel check-in their Customs stamped Andean Immigration Card - TAM, their Customs stamped original passport and the visa that certifies they live abroad (this last requirement is only for Peruvians that live outside Peru). Additionally, in case the room is shared by both a taxable and a non-taxable guest at the same time, the Sales Tax will be applied.

Prices are in American Dollars and subject to change without previous notice.


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