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Inca Trails Testimonials

Date : Sunday March, 18, 2012

Dear Yenseng,

We just returned from our travels in Peru, and had a wonderful time. I want to thank you very much for all your help, especially when my husband wasn't feeling well in Puno, and you helped us rearrange our tour plans. All the tour guides and coordinators were professional, courteous, friendly, and always prompt. The highlight of the trip for me was walking the last part of the Inca Trail and coming upon Machu Picchu at the end of the day when all was still and quiet. What an unforgettable experience.
Thank you again, and please feel free to forward this to your supervisor and to use this email as a testimonial.

Muchas gracias,

Marcy and Bob Maiorana


Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I just wanted to let you know that we all had a wonderful trip to Peru and on the Inca Trail. All of the details were arranged perfectly, thank you so much for all of your help. We all will highly recommend Peru Gateway Travel to any of our friends that want to make the trip.
Thanks again!!
Michelle Chisholm


Date: Friday, On January 28, 2011

Dear Angella:

I have been meaning to write and tell you how much we enjoyed the trip tp Peru last November. It was the best trip I have ever taken. Everything worked perfectly, from meeting Hal and I at the airport in Lima, flying to Cusco, the hotel in Cusco(especially their breakfast), the Inca Trail, and getting us back to Lima for our trip back to the US.

All of your support people in Lima and Cusco were extremely helpful and friendly.

Now about the Inca Trail. The trip was amazing and our guides, Saul and John, were great. Saul's knowledge of the history and old ways of the Incas was amazing. Camping out on the trail was a great experience. I don't think Hal and I have slept in a tent since we were in the Army 35 years ago. Even the camp food was excellent. The weather was great and the scenery was spectacular, but the steps were tough, and the altitude did not make it any easier.

I would certainly recommend the trip to everyone. However, if you are over 60 ( we are 64) you had better be in great shape. I thought it was harder than running a marathon. We were worn out, but we enjoyed the challenge.

Thanks again to Perugateway Travel for a great trip.

Bill McGough

Date: On Sunday, the 14th of November, 2010

Hi Melisa,

Sorry for causing you such concern and for the late notice of the cancellation. I was still hopeful we could make it to Cusco.

Anyway I am pleased to say, due to the profesionalism and can do attitude of your organisation that we were able to complete the Inka trail.

We arrived at our hostel in Cuzco and within 10 minutes I had a phone call from someone in your organization and said they would be coming around to see us. When the lady got there she said if we could be ready in 20 minutes then we could still do the Inka trail.
We had some reservations at first because of not aclimatising but then thought why not.

It was one of the most challenging things I have done but also the best thing I have done.

One person made it all that more special, our guide for the 4 days, Carolina. I have been to few countries and been on a few tours where we have had tour guides. No one comes close to Carolina. When we first met her she came across as this very friendly person and straight away we felt comfortable.

On the trail she had very interesting stories to tell. Not only about the ruins on the trail but, also about the history of the Inca empire.
My travelling companion suffered from a little altitude sickness after the 2nd day and Carolina was always there to make sure he was feeling OK and even took action to make sure he felt better.

At dinner and away from the hike she was always attentive and took a keen interest in getting to know everyone better.
When my friends say they are going to do the Inca trail I will most definitely be reccomending them to your organistion anf if she is available to ask for Carolina.

I have one problem though. We were on a tour with 3 german people so it was a small group of 5.
Hernan and I made the mistake of joining in with them in tipping our guides. They had this system where they would give $2 per day per person. This came to all of us putting in $16 each. In my opinion this was not enough. We wanted to give Carolina and Juanna (forgive me if that is not how her name is spelt), some more privately without the germans knowing. I think it would have made them look bad if we had openly given them more in front of them. After we all said our goodbyes we searched frantically near the bust stop to find them, without luck.

Can you tell me now how I might be able to send her and Juanna some more money.

As I am typing this I am embarrased we only gave so little. Hope you can help.

Once again thank you for a wonderful and exciting adventure.


Dean Maher


Date: Thur, 29 Apr 2010

We had a fantastic time and a very successful trip. We made it!!
Juan our guide was incredible, and the porters were sensational in what they were able to accomplish carrying Mr. Botero over 1/6 of the hike over the steepest and most difficult terrain. Thank you!!

Is it possible to work with your company to organize the Inca Trail Hike for others who cannot walk from around the World to come to do the Inca Trail Hike? Can we now offer many trips with those who cannot walk to come with their friends to do the Inca Trail Hike. Can you refer people to us, or do we refer them to you, so we together, can offer the Inca Trail Hike to those who cannot walk from around the world?

Thank you,

Jim Ebert


Date : Tuesday January 6, 2009

Dear Christy,

Just to let you know we had a great time in Peru. The arrangements for our trip were perfect and everything went smoothly. Your company really made our trip hasslefree, we were met at the airport on time, the hotels were very good.I want to specially mention our experience doing the Inca trail, it was tough but awesome, the guide Mr Saul was very good and kept his team of visitors, porters and cook very well organized and taken care of. Wish the weather had cooperated as well, rained quite a bit but I guess that"s part of the experience.

Thanks again to your organization for  a great job.

Karuna Abedin


Date: Sunday, July 6, 2008

We finished our trip and I want you to know that we had a wonderful time.  All of our guides were excellent, and Victor, our guide for the Inca Trail hike was especially good.  He is very knowledgable and covered all of the sites we visited. 
Thank you for your effort.  Everything went exactly as planned and I will be a recommendor of Gateway Travel.

Ken Schulz

Date :  February 2005
Orquidea Tours,
I would like to express my gratitude to your company for what turned out to be one of the most amazing trips of my life.  My group visited Peru through your travel agency Feb 11-24.  We had a great time, and our trip only got better as the days went on.  I would like to make note of things that I found to be exceptional:
The Nazca Tour with Brady
The La Gruta Hostal
The Cusco City Tour and Sacred Valley Tour with Freddy The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu Tour with Diego
Everything we experienced was outstanding, but I wanted to make special note of these events.  One of the best things we encountered was having Ms.
Milagros Vergarary (Milly) along with us for a while.  She was very nice, knowledgeable, and very helpful to us all.  She is a true asset to your
company.  You really outdid yourselves with our tour, and I will be sure to recommend you and your services to anyone.
Thank You For Everything!
Robert W. Bird

Date :May 2005

How are you ? We are fine, back from our trip. We enjoyed it so much. Inca Trail was excellent we are so happy we did it.
Everything was well organized so I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your work done for us.
Thanks a gain for your friendly and helpful approach.

Kind regards,

Date : August 2004
We had a wonderful time. Your staff was courteous and helpful. We appreciated the customized tour. We liked being able to decide for ourselves how long to stay in the various locations, but is was comforting knowing that there would be someone waiting for use at each new city. The Inca trail tour was outstanding!!!!

Wayne Hunwicks

Date : March 2004

I write you this letter in English so that you can share our comments with your future English-speaking customers. Todd and I have just returned from our trip to Peru and we cannot thank you enough for creating such an excellent and well-organized itinerary for us!
Overall, the one-week package you arranged for us was absolutely perfect.You could not have done a better job!
Everybody with whom we dealt from your travel agency during our time in Peru was kind, professional, punctual, honest and very well-informed. We felt very well taken care of throughout the trip. When we started planning our Peru trip, Todd and I could find no travel agency that offered a package that would enable us to hike the Inca trail for 2 days, explore Machu Picchu, spend a day in Cusco, fly in Juliaca and take a boat around the islands of Titicaca all in the course of one week (and for an affordable price). You were able to create our "ideal" customized itinerary for us within our budget, and for this we are very grateful. We will highly recommend your travel agency to our friends in the United States.
Thank you again for organizing an absolutely fantastic Peruvian adventure for us!!
Good luck to you!

Anna Yusim
Yale University School of Medicine

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