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There are an endless Peru Holidays or festivals in every region of the country, each one has its own traditions, folklore and gastronomy and more. Some of them are very popular around the world, many travelers come to enjoy them and want be part of it, while dancing and sharing all its culture.

Between the main festivals are Eastern, the most famous in Ayacucho, Inti Raymi the most important religion ceremony in Cusco, Virgen de la Candelaria in Puno, Independence Celebration, throughout the country, Lord of Miracles in Lima and

Peru is located in the western part of South America, its capital is Lima. The Andes crosses the country from south to north, this gives a variety of climates and ecosystems. Peru is among the seven countries with the greatest diversity of the planet in the 3rd position.

Peru is part from range of cultures; it has Chinese, Japan, European and African influence. About Peruvian cooking you will find a great number of diverse ingredients and techniques, it has a strong influence of Arabic, Italian, African, Chinese and Japanese cooking. Its music has different sounds and styles,

Because of all this beautiful combination Peru has a lot of festivals and events held throughout the year. You'll find wonderful holiday celebrations of religious or indigenous and enjoy his joy and color. You can find great diversity of people who will show its rich culture and history.

Give a look and know all about the colorful and full of live festivities in a several departments of Peru

* Cusco Festivities
* Arequipa Festivities
* Lima Festivities
* Huaraz Festivities
* Puerto Maldondo Festivities
* Chiclayo Festivities
* Cajamarca Festivities



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