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Colca Lodge

Colca Valley 
Arequipa, Peru

Colca Lodge

The Colca Lodge is located 170 Km north from Arequipa City in the middle of the Colca Valley, at 3,250 meters above sea level.  A fascinating zone which forms a part of the Volcanic Mountain Range of the Occidental Andes of the South of Peru.

The Colca Lodge has comfortable rooms, bar-restaurant service and a special personalized treatment, and also offer you the opportunity to enjoy a marvelous natural environment which includes thermal water springs with medicinal properties ideal from which to observe the impressive star filled sky of the southern hemisphere.

This valley has been inhabited for more than 1,500 years by pre-inca ethnic people ando Incas who in it, developed an impressive agricultural system carried out in Andene terraces that at some point covered an extension of more than 10,000 hectares. The Valley also holds a valuable legacy of the Viceroyal age built by 16 towns of spanish trace, each one with a temple of unique architecture. The people of the valley still keep many of the habits, customs and traditions of the pastoral Incan life.

For lovers of outdoor exercise, Colca Lodge offers ideal conditions to take horse rides, hikes toward historic places such as the Uyu Uyu Ruins (the largest of the region), to go fishing for trout in the Colca River, mountain biking, etc.

Finally, Colca Lodge will serve as a strategic parting and arrival point if you decide to visit the Valley with the family or if your adventurous spirit takes you to explore the source of the Amazon River, the Sabancaya Volcano in full activity or the Colca Canyon, the deepest of the world, where you will also be able to appreciate the elegant and spectacular flight of the Condor. This giant bird with a wing span up to 3.2 meters sleeps and breeds in this region, every morning they use the upwind in the canyon to soar high up into the sky before gliding on the morning winds to the coast in search for food.

- Private bathroom with hot water
- Heating
- Outdoor Terrace


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