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10 days and 9 nights

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This package is destined to lovers of trekking and adventure, a journey of approximately 100 km., among snow capped mountains and tropical valleys, from Choquequirao to Machu Picchu.




Day 1: Cusco – Villa los Loros
After picking up the passengers from their respective hotels we will leave the city of Cusco at 8:00 a.m. by private bus. Taking the road to Abancay, we cross the Apurímac River, at 1,600 meters above sea level, and then continue on to the pass of Qorimarca (4,000 meters), from where we will descend into the inter-Andean valley of Huanipaca before finally arriving at “Villa los Loros”. After settling into our rooms we will have lunch. Evening meal and overnight.

Day 2: Villa los Loros (2,200 meters) – Choqekiraw (2,900 meters)
After breakfast we will begin our trek with a two and a half hour walk to the beach of the rushing Apurímac River (which in Quechua means “the god who speaks”). We then cross the San Ignacio suspension bridge and begin the climb from the level of the river (1,500 meters) to our campsite at Choqekiraw, located at 2,900 meters. Along the way we will be able to enjoy the scenery and a variety of local flora and fauna.

After lunch we will visit the Phaqchayoq system of agricultural terraces and the House of the Waterfall, before finally returning to the campsite, where we will be served dinner before resting for the night.

(Trekking: 17 kilometers, time 7-8 hours)

Day 3: All day at Choqekiraw
We will have all day to visit the main sectors of the Archeological Park, including: the area of the Administrative Residences of Pikiwasi; the Priests’ Residence; the Ceremonial Platform or Ushnu; the Main Plaza or Hauqaypata; the Storehouses or Qolqas and the Upper Complex, or Hanan, among others.
We will have lunch near the complex in order not to interrupt our visit, and with a little luck we may even see a majestic Andean condor soar over the deep canyon of the Apurímac River. Finally, we will return to our campsite, where we will be served our evening meal and spend the night.

Day 4: Choqekiraw (2,900 meters) – Pincha Unuyoc (2,487 meters)
We begin by ascending from our campsite, going through high altitude woodland rich in epiphytes, bromeliads and beautiful orchids, until we reach the Choqekiraw Pass (3,270 meters), from where we begin a long descent along the western slope of the mountain. We will visit the archeological site of Pincha Unuyoc, a fan-shaped series of agricultural terraces crowned by a small ceremonial site, where we will make our camp.

(Trekking: 8.5 kilometers, time 5 hours)

Day 5: Pincha Unuyoc (2,487 meters) – Maizal (2,892 meters)
We will continue to descend into the warm valley of the Blanco (or Yuraqmayo) River (1,875 meters), where we will stop for lunch. Then we will climb the mountain known as Qoriwayrachina as far as Maizal, a natural balcony from where there is an impressive view. We will make camp at this site. Evening meal and overnight camping

(Trekking: 9.5 kilometers, time 5 hours)

Day 6: Maizal (2,892 meters) – Yanama (3,520 meters)
We will climb through a varied forest, passing the old Victoria Mines, until we reach the San Juan Pass (4,200 meters), from where we will be able to enjoy extraordinary views of the Vilcabamba Range. We will then follow a trail along the sheer cliff before arriving at the community of Yanama.

(Trekking: 12.5 kilometers, time 7 hours)

Day 7: Yanama (3,520 meters) – Totora (3,400 meters)
Our route will take us up through the grasslands of a high Andean valley, up a moderately steep slope as far as the Yanama Pass (4,620 meters). From the pass we will begin the descent into the Santa Teresa valley, with the scenery provided by imposing views of the mountains of Salkantay (6,270 meters) and Humantay (5,917 meters), which are the highest peaks in the Vilcabamba Range and the slopes of which are home to Machu Picchu. We will descend along a zigzag trail until we reach the place where we will make our next camp, by the side of the river that runs through the village of Totora.

(Trekking: 12 kilometers, time 7 hours)

Day 8: Totora (3,400 meters) – La Playa (2,135 meters)

This day’s trekking will be downhill, through an undulating path that will take us to the settlement of Collpapampa, where we will reach the start of the Santa Teresa valley. We will have lunch there and also have time to enjoy the nearby thermal baths.
After bathing we will continue on our way, passing a pleasant area of woodland and then coffee plantations and tropical orchards of passion fruit, papaya and avocado, with the imposing mountains above us on either side, before reaching the road and La Playa, where we will make camp.

(Trekking: 15 kilometers, time 5 hours)

Day 9: La Playa (2,135 meters) – Hydroelectric Station (1,875 meters) – Machu Picchu village
Today we must decide between two options: to continue trekking as far as the hydroelectric station, from where we can take the train as far as Machu Picchu village; or board a bus or truck from La Playa that will also take us to the hydroelectric station, from where we can take the train to Machu Picchu village. The first option means a six-hour walk, during which we will have a chance to visit the archeological complex of Llactapata (2,590 meters), a ceremonial site related to the sunrise on the winter solstice, which can be seen above Machu Picchu. The second option involves a journey of just 1-2 hours. In both cases the train will take us as far as Machu Picchu village in just 15 minutes. Here we will be able to rest in the hotel or enjoy the relaxing thermal baths of Aguas Calientes.

(Trekking: 15 kilometers, time 6 hours)

Day 10: Machu Picchu – Cusco
We will leave the hotel early to take the first bus up to the Inca sanctuary, which is situated high above the canyon of the Urubamba River in the heart of the highland forest below Mount Salkantay. We will have the rest of the day to visit this wonder of the world, with a chance to make an optional visit to the imposing mountain known as Wayna Picchu, or the Sun Gate (Intipunku). We will have lunch at the restaurant of the Sanctuary Lodge Hotel, very close to the Inca citadel, after which we will return to the village of Machu Picchu to take the return train to Cusco, where you will be transferred from the train station to the hotel.

B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner 

- Use boots during treks and sneakers during long walks.
- Drinking lots of liquids on long excursions, specially during the Inka Trail
- Always taking an umbrella or rainwear.

-Personal sleeping bag
-Warm Jacket or Sweater
-RainGear (from nov to april)
-T-shirt , short, long pants.
-Back pack, trekking shoes, sandals
-Sun Hat , wool hat , sun glasses
-Water bottle,flash light, hat
-Personal clothing for trek
-Insect repellent – Suncream
-Personal medication
-Water Purification Tablets.
-Toilet paper

·          Pick-up at hotel in Cusco
·          Bus service to Lares
·          Professional tour guide
·          Horse (for food & camping equipment only)
·          Cook
·          Kitchen & camping equipment (tent, mattress)
·          Meals (3B–3L–3D)
·          Train ticket Ollantaytambo - Aguas Calientes - Cusco
·          Entrance fee to Machu Picchu
·          Bus from / to Machupicchu
·          Horsemen
·          Cook

·          Breakfast (day 1)
·          Lunch (day 4)
·          Bus service from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu.
·          Extra horse US$ 30 per day.
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