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Antarctic Dream Expedition   (11 days - 10 nights)

Please contact us for more information and for pricing.

Day 1: Ushuaia, Argentina
Passengers board the M/V Antarctic Dream where you will be greeted by our Expedition Leader and staff and shown to your cabin. Check-in will begin at 2:30 pm. aprox. On departure day.

Day 2 to 3: Drake Passage
Wandering albatrosses, storm petrels and other seabirds will escort the vessel as you sail south across this famous passage named after Sir Francis Drake, the 16th-century English navigator. We will continue towards the Antarctic Convergence, a biological barrier where cold polar waters sink beneath the warmer waters of the more temperate zone. In 1819, the British explorer William Smith described the South Shetland Islands as “barren and covered with snow, with seals in abundance”.

Day 4: Aitcho Island
Aitcho Island will give us an early taste of what the Antarctic really is. It is the biggest island of the South Shetlands, where we will disembark in Potter Bay. In the afternoon we will disembark at Aitcho Island which is in between Greenwich and Robert Islands.
We will continue with the crossing of the Bransfield and Gerlache Straits to enter Andvord Bay where we find Neko Bay.

Day 5: Antarctic Peninsula & Neko Bay

Besides the magnificent scenery of mountains, snow and ice, in Antarctica you can expect to see a wide variety of the native wildlife. Other birds to look out for are blue-eyed shags, gulls, cape petrels, skuas, snowy sheathbills and Antarctic terns.
Marine mammals that you are likely to see include Weddell crab-eaters and leopard seals while orcas, humpback and mink whales may be spotted at close range. The program includes your first landing on the White Continent (Neko Bay) and another on Port Lockroy (Gaudier Island). Neko Bay was discovered by Adrian de Gerlache, a Belgian explorer. Port Lockroy is close to Wiencke Island in the Antarctic Peninsula and was the principle base of the 1944 Tabarin Operation - the scientific research included the Antarctic’s first ionosphere measurements and also the first recording of an atmospheric whistle.

Day 6: Paradise Bay - Cuverville Island

At this point of our program we will begin our return voyage. During the morning and, stressing again that if weather permits, we will disembark or use our zodiacs in Paradise Bay. In the evening we will visit Cuverville Island. Beside its dramatic scenery it is home to one of the largest colony of Gentoo penguins and skuas. We will continue with the crossing of the Bransfield and Gerlache Straits to enter Andvord Bay where we find Neko Bay.

Day 7: Pleneau - Petermann Island

We sail south through the narrow Lemaire Channel who’s high, sheer cliffs suggest that no passage could be found. Once through the channel, known as one of the most beautiful places in the world, and provided climate and ice conditions are good enough, we will be able to visit Petermann Island which is the most southern land point of our expedition. Here we will disembark and will be able to see the most southern colony of Gentoo penguins which nest near our landing spot. On this island we will also be able to see a colony of beautiful Adelei penguins, skuas and blue-eyed shags. At Pleneau we should have the opportunity to take our zodiacs and visit impressive ice formations.

Day 8: Deception Island - Whaler’s Bay - Pendulum Cove

We continue sailing to Deception Island which is the largest active volcano in the area at the northwest side of the Peninsula.
During the morning we will try to disembark in Whaler’s Bay and Pendulum Cove where you can live the unique experience of swimming in this water. In the afternoon we will disembark at Hannah Point (Livingstone Island). This is one of the best places in the Antarctic to see fauna and we should see Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins, giant petrels, Wilson petrels, skuas and blue-eyed shags. With luck, we should also see sea elephants.

Days 9 and 10: Drake Passage

Today, we will leave the Antarctic and head north back across the Drake Passage. Now is the chance to compare and revise notes and dwell on the adventures of the past week, to take in the final lectures and to enjoy the delicious gastronomy on board as you return to Ushuaia.

Day 11: Ushuaia, Argentina

After an early breakfast we will land at 9:00 am. aprox. and bid farewell to our guests. Thus ends an incredible and unique expedition.

End of the service














M/V Antarctic Dream (former Piloto Pardo)
Command bridge open to passengers
40 Outside Double Staterooms
4 Decks
02 Suites Cape Horn deck
02 Suites Piloto Pardo deck
17 Superior Staterooms Shackleton deck
19 Staterooms Amundsen deck
6 Zodiacs, each one with capacity for 15

Specs Public Areas

Main Dining Room (capacity for 100 passengers)
Auditorium / Projection Lounge
Heliport, in case of emergency
Fitness Room / Sauna (Upon reservation)
First Aid (doctor on board)
Souvenir Shop
Internet available at the library (Email service only)
Passenger Bridge



Programs Include

• Accommodation in cabin according to deck request
• Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and welcome cocktail
• Wine and beverages included according to the menu
• Use of the library
• Use of fitness room and sauna
• On board lectures and exhibits
• Information on the region
• Passenger insurance (P&I)
• Expedition in zodiac boats 4
• Medical attention on board only in case of Emergency

Programs do not Include

• Flights to and from boarding ports
• Passports or visas
• Taxes or boarding taxes at airport/ports
• Transfers not specified in the program
• Telephone calls are not free of charge
• Meals or beverages not included in the menu
• Fines or Flight Cancellation Assistance
• Travel or Health Insurance
• Medical attention off board
• Tips
• Fuel Surcharge

Note: Travel and Health Insurance will be compulsory for the voyage.
This must include evacuation from remote places.


Kayaking in Antarctic
(Price per Person)
(US$ 600)

Kayaking at the Antarctica is, as a full concept, a lifetime experience. There is no other place in the world so different from everything we know, and one way to find it out deeply and intimately is kayaking.
During 2010-2011 season we will perform a minimum of three kayak trips in each of our cruises along the Antarctic coast in a safety atmosphere and fully respecting the environment.
During the seafronts we will silently approach the penguins, seals and sea lions that are resting over the icebergs or over the snow-covered coast, having a closer view of their natural state behavior with a minimum impact on them. We will kayaking through different size icebergs, some small and others large. We will be able to touch them to observe in detail their textures and colors while penguins will pass in groups, jumping out the water very close to us. If we are lucky, a deep and guttural sound will announce the presence of a group of humpback whales. Then we will be able to admire, one of the most touching spectacles of nature, its fins elegantly sinking in the Antarctic sea mysterious depths.
We will sail only under safe sea conditions. Each participant will have the choice to leave the activity any time they want.
The activity will be performed using sit-on-top kayaks, extremely stable and comfortable, and we will provide the continued assistance of our staff of professional guides and support zodiacs, assuring a totally safe experience.

Check in

Passengers may not board until 4:00 pm. aprox. and the departure from the port of Ushuaia will be at 6:00 pm.
aprox. it is highly recommended to arrive to Ushuaia 1 day before the departure date as Antarctic Shipping can not be held responsible for delayed or cancelled fights.

Check-in procedures will be the following (included in passenger price):

• For passengers who arrive by plane the same day of departure:
Our personnel will be waiting for you at the airport. Your luggage will be sealed (safety seals) and will be taken
to the check-in point. From here on you will be free until 3:45 pm. aprox. where you will have to go to check-in and you will be taken to the M/V Antarctic Dream.

• For passengers who arrive by plane or land 1 day before departure:
Our personnel will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you to the hotel booked by you. Here, your safety seals will be given to you so you can seal your luggage. On departure date luggage must be left at the Hotel Counter at 9:30 am. aprox. in order to be picked up at 10:00 am. aprox. and be taken to the ship.
From here on you will be free until 3:30 pm. aprox. where you will have to be at your hotel to be taken to the M/V Antarctic Dream.

• For passengers who arrive several days before departure
(Transfer from airport to Hotel not included) On departure date please leave your luggage at your Hotel Counter at 9:30 am. aprox, in order to be picked up at 10:00 am. aprox. to be taken to the ship. From here on you will be free until 3:30 pm. aprox. where you will have to be at the Hotel to be taken to the M/V Antarctic Dream. During check out, we offer transfer service to the airport or downtown early in the morning. We strongly
recommend scheduling your departure fight after 12:00 pm. aprox. (Mid-day) as the disembarking time is completely subject to climatic conditions.

Rates – Procedures

• Rates in USD at valid exchange rate
• Rates per person based on type of occupancy (sgl / dbl)
• Cabin rates vary depending on deck
• Rates may vary without prior notice
• Children under 14 not recommended

• Full rate paid before boarding
• We highly recommend scheduling your arrival in Ushuaia with at least one day in advance in order to avoid any flight delays.
• Special dietary requirements must be requested upon booking, in writing and with all the necessary information
• Safety rules for disembarking must be abided by all passengers

Note: All passengers must fill out the medical forms online and accept the terms and conditions provided by the company with online code at least 15 days before the departure, or will not be allowed to board.

Terms & Conditions

Reservations and Payment

The following deposits are required to confirm a reservation.
Deposit: US$ 1,500 per person is required to guarantee the reservation.
All rates and payments are in US dollars. No other currencies are accepted. The full payment must be completed 90 days prior to

Cancellations and Refunds

All requests for cancellations must be received in writing. Cancellation received 90 days prior to departure will be fully refunded less an administrative fee of US$ 515 per person. Within the 90 day limit, all money is forfeited.
If cancellation occurs within the 90 day period and full payment has not yet been received, the full penalty will still apply, and unpaid money is due immediately. For these and other reasons mentioned below, you are strongly encouraged to obtain trip cancellation insurance.
Rates quoted are based on group participation and no refunds will be made for any part of the program in which you choose not to participate. It is understood that refunds cannot be made to passengers who do not complete the tour for any reason whatsoever.


The itinerary described is subject to change at the discretion of the ship’s master. This is an expedition to a remote part of the world, and we reserve the right to change the itinerary due to weather conditions, availability of anchorages, political conditions and other factors beyond our control without consulting the participants.
It is understood that such decisions will be made in the best interests of all the passengers aboard and with regard to the safety of the vessel. Participants have no right to any refund or other considerations in the event of these inevitable itinerary changes.


Expedition rates are based on tariffs and exchange rates in effect at the time prior to departure. Substantial changes in tariffs, exchange rates and the price of fuel, services and labor sometimes increase the cost of expedition arrangements significantly, and we reserve the right to alter our prices accordingly.


Please read this important information carefully. The payment of a deposit of any part or full payment for a reservation on this expedition shall constitute consent to all the provisions contained here in. Our Operator act as general sales agents for the vessel and as such exercise every possible care. However, Our operator , their subsidiaries and/or associated Agents, shall not be held liable for property loss or damage and/or any damages resulting from illness, personal injuries or death which may be sustained by reason of, or while engaged in, any tour whether due to The ownership, maintenance, use, operation or control of any aircraft, automobile, bicycle, boat, vehicle, hotel, common carrier or any other conveyance used in carrying out these expedition.
Our Operator requires that all passengers fill out the entire personal and medical form, which is confidential and provided online to all travelling passengers. We can not be held responsible for any problems caused by incomplete or missing information. We can assume no liability due to any cause whatsoever whether caused by failure or delay or other irregularity, acts or omissions occurring during a tour under which the means of transportation or other service provided thereby is offered or supplied by owners, operators or public carriers for whom We act only as agents.




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